Game Guide

So, you’re a new Apocalypse Adventurer, perhaps you are new to mudding entirely. This guide will hopefully get you up and running on our fantastic game and having fun in no time.

Your first step is, of course, to create a character. You will need to pick a name, nothing offensive or too goofy. There is plenty of leeway here in regards to names but IMMs do reserve the right to force delete characters if they find it too offensive. This Fantasy Name Generator can help out.

The second step is to pick a race. There are many races to choose from, each with different pros and cons– so make sure to view the help files for additional information on races before you decide. Check out the Race Guide for more information on the available Races in Apocalypse 6.

The third step is to then select a class. Again, read up on the help files to decide what you want to play. As a beginner, I highly recommend going with a fighter/cleric combo to get your bearings. You can also check out the Class Guide for more information on the available Classes in Apocalypse 6.



This leads me into my next point. Multiplaying is not only allowed on this game, it is a necessity. You can select whichever combination you wish but it is strongly encouraged to have a healer as your secondary class to help with healing/buffs/sancs/etc. Players may have any number of characters they wish, and they are encouraged to have one of all classes with time permitting, but only 2 may be online at any given time. Under lengthy discussion, there is one exception to this rule, you are allowed to login a third character (THIEF ONLY) to disable traps in order to advance through a zone if no other thieves are online at the time.

Stat Rolling

After selecting both Race/Class, you will then begin the stat rolling. Rolling high stats is key to creating a great character and requires time, patience, and maybe even some luck. Each class and race has modifiers for certain stats so choose wisely!

See this Help Guide regarding stats before rolling or type HELP STATS in game to get more information. You can also download our Stat Roller to help in rolling the best character possible.

OK! Your character creation is complete! Now your adventure begins!


You enter the game in the Temple of Midgaard, the central safe haven in Apocalypse. Head four south to get to Market Square. Here you will find Nodri, the helpful Wizard, entertaining some of the local townfolk. He is there to provide assistance and even has a few quests that will help you achieve level 2. Make sure to ask him for help (ASK NODRI HELP) and he can give you a few more pointers on where to go next to begin your trainin

You can also explore Midgaard a bit by typing HELP MAP to view the Map of Midgaard… Visit the Donation Room to see if there is any useful items. You may practice skills while at your Guildmaster– to see a list of skills you already have or skills you may learn, type “prac”. NOTE To practice skills, you must have practice sessions… you gain practice sessions for each level gained. Players should know that using temporary +Wis gear right before a level is beneficial because it potentially grants them more practices with each level (Help Wisdom) .

Combat and Experience

OK, to accomplish anything here, you must gain experience (exp). Exp is obtained most commonly through combat against Mobiles (mobs)… type “k (mob’s name)” to initiate battle. As you gain levels, you must practice your skills at your Guildmaster… ie, “prac skillname”. You can also see what skills/spells are available for your class by typing HELP (class) PROF example – “help fighter prof”. Remember to watch your Hitpoints (HP) in battle, you can recall in the middle of battle to escape, or type “flee” to run into an adjacent room if your HP is low… but be warned, fleeing isn’t a sure thing. To help you determine how difficult a mob is, use the consider command (“cons”). It will give you a rough idea of what you’re dealing with. Also, be warned… some mobs are not content to let you strike the first blow. TIP Set wimpy to flee from mobs automatically when your HP reaches a certain percentage (HELP WIMPY).

DEATH Muhahahaha!

If your character dies in combat, you will be revived at the Temple of Midgaard. You will have to go back to the room in which you died, and retrieve your equipment from your corpse… but be warned, many mobs like to grab things from your corpse, some may even destroy your gear. The penalty for dying (other than annoyance) is a loss of EXP, making it longer for you to achieve your next level. At level 25, you will also temporarily suffer from wounds that can impact your stats and regeneration for 10 ticks. At level 35, you have a 10% chance of losing CON on death which can drastically reduce your HP pool.

Death traps (DT)

These are special rooms in the mud with a particularly sinister purpose– to catch careless players and strip them of all their equipment. Be careful when exploring new areas, read the room descriptions and make use of the “exit” command… it will tell you the room descriptions of every adjacent room. Deathtraps are usually made very obvious by their room description… I.E. “Falling to your death in a pit!” NOTE A deathtrap should never be “Too Dark To Tell”. If you do encounter a “dark” DT, make sure an Immortal is informed. You cannot flee into a death trap.

Equipment (EQ) and Items

There are many kinds of EQ in Apocalypse, and many different places on your character’s body to wear things. There are different basic types of EQ… things you “wear”, I.E. armor, gloves, trinkets, etc.; weapons that you “wield”, typically swords for warriors, bows for hunters, daggers for thieves, and much more depending on race/class; and torches and lamps that you “light”; You get a basic weapon and armor when you start, make sure to “wear all” and “wield” the weapon on hand.

There are also many kinds of items, including single use potions (quaff) and scrolls/general items (use). There are also some items that you can use more than once, these must be held in a free hand (hold ), then used (use). Each multi-use item has a set number of charges.


To save your character and store EQ for your next session, you must go to an Inn. The most convenient Inn is located 2 north, 1 east and 1 up from Market Square in Midgaard. Type “offer” to get a breakdown of cost and how long you may remain inactive, then type “rent” to exit the mud. If you run out of money while rented, all your eq will disappear, so if you are planning a long vacation from the mud, you will want to make sure you have plenty of gold on hand.

If you plan on renting for a long period of time, you can check out the extended stay 1 up, 1 north from the Midgaard Inn. The total cost for extended stay is a flat 7 days rent time.


In Apocalypse 6, there are 2 kinds of quests… quests that are run by Immortals and autoquests. (note! don’t badger immortals for quests, it is the best way to not get one.) There are a few autoquests for beginners that will help you get some basic equipment, credits and exp. First, Nodri at Market Square will ask you to run a few errands… to start the quest type ‘quest list’ to see the available quests offered, then type ‘quest join (#)’. After you have done both quests from Nodri, he can offer some tips on where to go next. Each beginner zone in Midgaard has it’s own quest master who can provide additional experience and even equipment! There are three beginner zones – The Training Grounds, the Park, and the Graveyard. Each zone depends on your alignment. Although you can go anywhere and do whatever you want, having a class that requires a certain alignment will limit your abilities if you are out of that alignment. For example, if you are an evil Necromancer killing evil zombies, you will become good and lose access to certain spells, gear, and cause skills to cost higher mana.

There are many other autoquests available from mobs all over the realm… keep your eyes open, usually they will talk to you, and MOST of them will have a (QUEST) flag. The rewards for autoquests include experience, gold, items, and quest points. Quest points may be spent at Questor’s which is east, south from Market Square.


Rebirth allows a Level 40 mortal with enough experience for immortality to become reborn as a level 1 mortal but with +1 to an ability of his/her choosing. This option was added to please career mortals. You can increase your abilities past your racial maximums up to 25. Valid abilities are strength, intelligence, dexterity, wisdom, constitution, and charisma.

In addition to the above, reborn characters gain a permanent increase to the experience they gain when killing enemy mobiles.

Players seeking to be reborn may only do so at the Temple Altar in Midgaard.

A BIG Tip!

Always always ALWAYS have at least one scroll of recall on hand. Using them will send you straight to the Temple of Midgaard… extremely useful to escape a hopeless battle or get out of an area you’re stuck in. These can be purchased at The Magic Shop, , located 2 west, 1 north, from Market Square. Type “list” at a shopkeeper to see their wares. NOTE To use a scroll of recall, make sure it’s in your inventory and type ‘rec recall’.

Useful commands to know!

“autoexit” – there are three toggles for this, off/normal/complete. I do not recommend turning autoexit off.
“autogold” – this is an automatic toggle that any player can toggle on or off. When toggled on, any gold found on a corpse is automatically looted..
“wimpy ” – type this in to automatically attempt to flee from battle when your hp hits a certain level. Cannot be more than 1/2 of your total hp.
“help” – Self explanatory! (ex: ‘help fighter prof’ to see a list of available fighter skills).
“gos (message) ” – ask the other players for help or advice. You must be level 2 in order you use the Gossip channel.
“att” – This command gives extensive information about your character. The higher your level the more information you will see. Such information includes your current game-time stats, armor class, alignment, hit bonus, damage bonus, and more.
“score” – Provides useful information on your status such as age, hit points, mana, movement points, armor class, alignment, experience points, gold on hand, how long you’ve been playing, and your level.
“aff”- What spells your character is currently affected by.

I hope this little guide was useful for you, and I hope you have as much fun here as I do!