There are currently 14 classes that a player character may select. The 14 classes are ANTI-PALADIN, BARD, CLERIC, DRUID, FIGHTER, MAGIC USER, MONK, NECROMANCER, PALADIN, RANGER, SAMURAI, THIEF, BERSERKER, and WARLOCK. Each class holds different powers that set them apart from the others.

Additional information on skills/spells can be found by typing HELP (skill/spell name) in game.

The Anti-Paladin represents everything that is mean, low and despicable in the human race. No act of treachery is too base, no deed of violence too vile. Thoughtless cruelty, sheer depravity, and senseless bloodshed are their hallmarks. As the nemesis to Paladins, they gain magical abilities at high levels granted to them by dark and evil powers.

These are the proficiencies that an Anti-Paladin has the ability to perform.
An ‘(S)’ denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

Level: Proficiency
1st: Detect Alignment — (S)Kick
2nd: (S)Hide
3rd: (S)Bash (Prereq: Kick) — (S)Sneak (Prereq: Hide)
5th: Cause Minor Wounds — (S)Backstab
7th: Poison
9th: Cause Major Wounds (Prereq: Cause Minor Wounds)
11th: Shield Against Good (Prereq: Detect Alignment)
13th: Cloak of Shadows (Prereq: Hide)
14th: Chill Touch
15th: Trip
17th: Somnolent Gaze
18th: Dispel Good (Prereq: Shield Against Good)
21st: Harm (Prereq: Cause Major Wounds)
23rd: Protection from Good (Prereq: Shield Against Good)
24th: (S)Detect Trap
25th: Glacial Fist (Prereq: Chill Touch)
27th: Smite Good (Prereq: Dispel Good)
29th: Asphyxiate (Prereq: Somnolent Gaze)
31st: (S)Disable Trap (Prereq: Detect Trap)
33rd: Fortress of Hate (Prereq: Protection from Good)
34th: Unholy Word (Prereq: Smite Good)
35th: Malign (Prereq: Fortress of Hate)
37th: Shadow Flare (Prereq: Unholy Word)

Though a rogue, the bard is very different from a thief. They make their living by wooing audiences with their charisma, artistic ability, and magical pursuits of entertainment. They have been known to help the audience to part with their money if they are not very charitable. The Bard is known as a ‘Jack-Of-All-Trades’ knowing a little bit of everything.

These are the proficiencies that a Bard has the ability to perform.
An ‘(S)’denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

Level: Proficiency
1st: (S)Hide
2nd: Detect Magic — Invisibility (Prereq: Hide) — (S)Sneak (Prereq: Hide)
3rd: Vigorize Light — Armor
4th: Knock — Spook
5th: Detect Invisibility (Prereq: Invisibility) — Locate Object
6th: Waterwalk — Teleview Minor (Prereq: Locate Object) — (S)Hymn
7th: Roar
9th: Improved Invisibility (Prereq: Invisibility) — (S)Lullaby
10th: Identify (Prereq: Locate Object) — Teleport Minor (Prereq: Teleview Minor)
11th: Sleep
12th: Strength — (S)Lamentation
13th: Color Spray
15th: Phase Door (Prereq: Teleport Minor)
16th: Free Action — Teleview Major (Prereq: Teleview Minor)
17th: Dreamsight (Prereq: Sleep) — Enfeeblement (Prereq: Strength) — Vitalize Mana
18th: (S)Ballad (Prereq: Hymn)
19th: Sonic Blast (Prereq: Roar)
20th: Teleport Major (Prereq: Teleport Minor, Teleview Major) — (S)Detect Trap
21st: Airwalk
23rd: Dispel Magic (Prereq: Detect Magic)
24th: (S)Dirge (Prereq: Lamentation)
25th: Legend Lore (Prereq: Identify)
27th: (S)Disable Trap (Prereq: Detect Trap)
29th: Fumble (Prereq: Enfeeblement)
32nd: (S)Sonnet (Prereq: Ballad)
35th: Wail of the Banshee (Prereq: Sonic Blast)
36th: (S)Song of the Siren (Prereq: Strength, Dispel Magic)
37th: (S)Song of Power (Prereq: Strength, Sonnet)

Clerics are known for being healers, and thus are quite the necessity throughout the world. This class gives you the wisdom of peace and blessing, along with healing. However, it is possible to learn more violent spells.

These are the proficiencies that a Cleric has the ability to perform.
An ‘(S)’denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

1st: Cure Light – Create Water – – (S)Turn Undead
2nd: Create Food (Prereq: Create Water) – – Magical Vestments – – Vigorize Light
3rd: Bless (Prereq: Magical Vestments) – – Cause Minor Wounds (Prereq: Cure Light) – – Detect Poison
4th: Cure Blind (Prereq: Cure Light) – – Detect Alignment – – Sense Life
5th: Cure Serious (Prereq: Cure Light) – – Shield Against Evil (Prereq: Detect Alignment) – – Shield Against Good (Prereq: Detect Alignment)
6th: Blindness (Prereq: Cure Blind) – – Cause Major Wounds (Prereq: Cause Minor Wounds) – Remove Poison (Prereq: Detect Poison) – – Vigorize Serious (Prereq: Vigorize Light)
7th: Aid (Prereq: Bless) – – Dispel Silence – – Vitality (Prereq: Create Food)
8th: Remove Paralysis – – Silence (Prereq: Dispel Silence) – – Lesser Summon
9th: Cure Critic (Prereq: Cure Serious) – – Flamestrike
10th: Remove Curse (Prereq: Bless) – – Vigorize Critic (Prereq: Vigorize Serious)
11th: Dispel Evil (Prereq: Shield Against Evil) – – Dispel Good (Prereq: Shield Against Good)
12th: Free Action (Prereq: Remove Paralysis) – – Word of Recall
13th: Protection from Evil (Prereq: Shield Against Evil) – – Protection from Good (Prereq: Shield Against Good)
14th: Heal Light (Prereq: Cure Critic)
15th: Harm (Prereq: Cause Major Wounds) – – Sanctuary (Prereq: Aid)
17th: Vitalize Mana
18th: Heal Serious (Prereq: Heal Light)
19th: Smite Evil (Prereq: Dispel Evil) – – Smite Good (Prereq: Dispel Good)
20th: Heroes Feast (Prereq: Vitality)
21st: Greater Summon (Prereq: Lesser Summon)
22nd: Heal Critic (Prereq: Heal Serious)
25th: Regeneration
27th: Group Recall (Prereq: Word of Recall)
30th: Heal Group (Prereq: Heal Critic)
33rd: Holy Word (Prereq: Smite Evil) – – Unholy Word (Prereq: Smite Good)
35th: Sovereign Heal (Prereq: Heal Group)
37th: Firestorm (Prereq: Flamestrike)

Druids are priests of nature. Like Rangers, they are attune to nature and do all in their power to protect it. Given their specific aim, druids have control over the elements, plants, and animals. Thus, they are powerful in a sylvan setting while they lose power the farther away from their beloved forests they get.

These are the proficiencies that a Druid has the ability to perform.
An ‘(S)’denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

Level Proficiency
1st: Create Water — Elemental Shard — (S)Track
2nd: Create Food (Prereq: Create Water) — Detect Magic
*3rd: Cure Light — Detect Poison — Barkskin
4th: Detect Alignment — Hold Animal — Remove Poison (Prereq: Detect Poison)
5th: Elemental Hands (Prereq: Elemental Shard) — Poison (Prereq: Remove Poison) — Vigorize Light
6th: Animal Friendship (Prereq: Hold Animal) — Waterwalk
7th: Cure Serious (Prereq: Cure Light) — Vitality (Prereq: Create Food)
8th: Hold Beast (Prereq: Hold Animal) — Sunray
9th: Flamestrike (Prereq: Elemental Hands)
10th: Charm Beast (Prereq: Animal Friendship) — Control Weather
11th: Cure Critic (Prereq: Cure Serious) — Call Lightning (Prereq: Elemental Hands)
12th: Hold Plant (Prereq: Hold Beast)
13th: Elemental Shield (Prereq: Elemental Shard) — Sunburst (Prereq: Sunray)
14th: Control Plants (Prereq: Hold Plant)
15th: Dispel Magic (Prereq: Detect Magic) — Moon Mote
16th: Heal Light (Prereq: Cure Critic) — Conjure Elemental (Prereq: Elemental Shard)
17th: Vitalize Mana
18th: Sustain (Prereq: Vitality)
19th: Earthquake (Prereq: Elemental Hands) — Waterbreath (Prereq: Waterwalk)
**20th: Sanctuary (Prereq: Heal Light)
21st: Heal Serious (Prereq: Heal Light)
22nd: Befriend Dryad (Prereq: Animal Friendship)
23rd: Elemental Strike (Prereq: Elemental Hands)
25th: Pass Without Trace (Prereq: Befriend Dryad)
27th: Heal Critic (Prereq: Heal Serious)
28th: Elemental Burst (Prereq: Elemental Strike)
29th: Elemental Aura (Prereq: Elemental Shield)
31st: Trail of the Woodlands (Prereq: Pass Without Trace)
33rd: Searing Orb (Prereq: Sunburst)
36th: Elemental Blast (Prereq: Elemental Burst)

Note: * = Practicing this skill will disable the druid HP, Mana, and Move
bonuses a battle druid, or charmer druid might otherwise enjoy.
** = Practicing this skill will disable the druid’s ability to charm
enemy mobiles, whether or not the character has practiced the
charm spell for its class, or acquired it elsewhere. It will
also hard cap your druid at 1 attack per round.
The * and ** notes only apply to a single playthrough. These are
reset at rebirth.

The most common of all warriors, fighters believe in only what their flesh and blood can provide. Having no magical abilities of their own, brute strength is their forte. They can be found hacking it out face to face with fire-breathing dragons and most dangerous of demons.

These are the proficiencies that a Fighter has the ability to perform.
An ‘(S)’ denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

1st: (S)Kick – – (S)Parry
3rd: (S)Rescue – – (S)Retreat (Prereq: Parry) – – (S)Bash (Prereq: Kick)
5th: (S)Disarm (Prereq: Parry)
7th: (S)Shield Specialization
10th: (S)Track – – (S)Rage
12th: (S)Shield Punch (Prereq: Shield Specialization)
20th: (S)Armor Specialization (Prereq: Shield Specialization)
24th: (S)Shield Rush (Prereq: ShieldPunch)
28th: (S)Taunt (Prereq: Rescue)
30th: (S)Hamstring (Prereq: Kick)
35th: (S)Group Retreat (Prereq: Retreat)
37th: (S)Second Wind

Mages are the most general of spellcasters. They study everything that magic has to offer, being able to produce powerful and violent magic. However, due to the lack of oneness with the gods, they can deal little with healing and blessing.

These are the proficiencies that a Magic User has the ability to perform.
An ‘(S)’ denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

1st: Magic Missile
2nd: Detect Invisibility – – Detect Magic
3rd: Armor – – Chill Touch
4th: Invisibility (Prereq: Detect Invisibility) – – Knock
5th: Bind Portal Minor (Prereq: Detect Magic) – – Burning Hands – – Infravision
6th: Blindness (Prereq: Infravision) – – Locate Object  – – Strength
7th: Acid Arrow (Prereq: Magic Missile)  – – Enfeeblement (Prereq: Strength) – – Hold Person – – Shocking Grasp – – Lesser Scry (Prereq: Bind Portal Minor)
8th: Charm Person  – – Fumble (Prereq: Enfeeblement) – – Sleep – – Waterwalk
9th: Dispel Magic (Prereq: Detect Magic) – – Lightning Bolt (Prereq: Shocking Grasp) – – Dimension Shift (Prereq: Bind Portal Minor)
10th: Haste (Prereq: Strength) – – Control Weather
11th: Dreamsight (Prereq: Sleep) – – Improved Invisibility (Prereq: Invisibility)
12th: Color Spray – – Greater Scry (Prereq: Lesser Scry)
13th: Hold Monster (Prereq: Hold Person) – – Phase Door (Prereq: Knock)
14th: Charm Monster (Prereq: Charm Person)
15th: Ice Lance (Prereq: Chill Touch) – – Dimension Walk (Prereq: Dimension Shift) – – Mana Shield (Prereq: Armor)
17th: Vitalize Mana (Prereq: Haste)
18th: Airwalk (Prereq: Waterwalk) – – Firebolt (Prereq: Burning Hands)
19th: Bind Portal Major (Prereq: Bind Portal Minor)
20th: Succor
21st: Clenched Fist (Prereq: Acid Arrow)
22nd: Shrink (Prereq: Phase Door)
23rd: Enlarge (Prereq: Shrink)
24th: Ice Storm (Prereq: Ice Lance)
25th: Dimension Door (Prereq: Bind Portal Major, Dimension Walk
27th: Fireball (Prereq: Firebolt)
28th: Levitate (Prereq: Airwalk)
28th: Ball Lightning (Prereq: Lightning Bolt)
30th: Flailing Fists (Prereq: Clenched Fist)
31st: Recharge (Prereq: Lightning Bolt)
32nd: Group Mana Shield (Prereq: Mana Shield)
33rd: Prismatic Spray (Prereq: Color Spray)
35th: Planar Travel (Prereq: Dimension Door)
37th: Chain Lightning (Prereq: Ball Lightning)

Monks are members of a priestly order that seeks peace and enlightenment in a state of harmony with the passing world. For a monk to unveil his or her true power, they must first discover and master their chi-kong. This is accomplished through contemplative meditation, harmonious living, and mastery of the body. It is only upon mastery of these things that a monk may be said to have good or powerful gung-fu.

Despite the misconception that monks are warriors, they are by their very nature an order that is priestly. Being thus, they are members of the PRIEST class that must maintain a good alignment in order to function

  • In combat, a Monk has the THAC0 and hit points of the ROGUE class.
  • Unarmed combat: damage 1d4 (per 8 levels) +1 (per 4 levels).
  • For levels 1 to 10, the Monk’s Armor Points is improved by 5 a level;
    For levels 11 to 20, 10 ap a level; For levels 21 to 30, 15 ap a level;
    For levels 31 to 40, 20 ap a level.
  • Monks may equip items usable only by WARRIORS, PRIESTS, or MONKS.
  • Monks may only equip the following locations: Light, Finger, Trinket,
    Neck, About, Waist, Wrist, Wield, Hold (non-weapons).
  • If a monk wields a weapon, they will lose half of their attacks. The only exception to this is if a monk wields an unarmed weapon such as spiked knuckles.
  • Monks gain 3 extra mana points per level instead of 4 like other Priests.
  • The Monk is studied in anatomical weaknesses, and may land critical hits.

These are the proficiencies that a Monk has the ability to perform.
An ‘(S)’ denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

1st: (S)Lay Hands – – (S)Meditate – – Detect Harmony – – Mabu Combat Stance
2nd: Detect Invisibility
3rd: Teleview Minor – – Detect Poison
4th: Pacify – – (S)Palm Strike – – Cure Blind (Prereq: Lay Hands) – – Sense Life (Prereq: Detect Invis)
6th: Waterwalk – – Remove Poison (Prereq: Detect Poison)
7th: Dreamsight – – Remove Curse
8th: Beneficence (Prereq: Pacify) – – Remove Paralysis – – Xubu Combat Stance – – (S)Kick
9th: Free Action (Prereq: Remove Paralysis) – – Teleview Major
10th: Teleport Minor (Prereq: Teleview Minor) – – Second Sight (Prereq: Teleview Major)
11th: Invisibility to Enemies (Prereq: Sense Life)
12th: (S)Phoenix Fist (Prereq: Palm Strike) – – Gongbu Combat Stance
13th: Airwalk (Prereq: Waterwalk)
14th: Phase Door (Prereq: Second Sight) – – (S)Critical Hit
15th: Healing Dream (Prereq: Dreamsight)
16th: (S)Raikou Kick (Prereq: Kick)
17th: Synostodweomer (Prereq: Lay Hands)
18th: Teleport Major (Prereq: Teleport Minor, Teleview Major)
20th: Flamewalk (Prereq: Airwalk)
22nd: (S)Crippling Wave (Prereq: Palm Strike) – – Hebu Combat Stance
23th: Windwalk (Prereq: Flamewalk)
24th: (S)Sweep (Prereq: Kick)
25th: (S)Chakra Disruption (Prereq: Crippling Wave)
27th: Sleepwalk (Prereq: Healing Dream)
32nd: (S)Exploding Palm (Prereq: Palm Strike)
35th: (S)Meridian Strike (Prereq: Chakra Disruption)
37th: (S)Push (Prereq: Exploding Palm)
38th: Peace (Prereq: Beneficence)

The Necromancer class is part of the WIZARD group. They dwell on perverting the life forces of others for their own personal ends, even if it means bringing others to a state of the living dead to meet their whims. They also enjoy the darkness, for they are by nature creatures of the night, and draw their powers from the negative magic fields. By their very nature, and by how they are viewed by others, Necromancers can only be EVIL.

  • Necromancers are immune to charm, sleep and hold type spells.
  • For every 5 levels gained, he/she loses 1 point of CHARISMA.
  • Dealing with charmies, a Necromancer score is reversed (subtracted from 25) to see how many they can control at once (up to 75 charmie levels).
  • In combat, the Necromancer is identical to a Magic User.

These are the proficiencies that a Necromancer has the ability to perform.
An ‘(S)’denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

1st: Spook – – (S)Turn Undead
2nd: Curse – – Blood Quench
3rd: Chill Touch – – Detect Invisibility
4th: Hold Undead (Prereq: Turn Undead) – – Cannibalize (Prereq: Blood Quench)
5th: Shadow Armor
6th: Ghoul Touch
7th: Poison – – Shocking Grasp
8th: Control Undead (Prereq: Hold Undead) – – Bat Sonar (Prereq: Detect Invisibility)
9th: Lightning Bolt (Prereq: Shocking Grasp)
10th: Vampiric Gaze – – Cloak of Shadows (Prereq: Shadow Armor)
12th: Animate Dead (Prereq: Control Undead)
14th: Lesser Electricity Resist (Prereq: Lightning Bolt)
15th: Death’s Door
16th: Cloak of the Night (Prereq: Cloak of Shadows) – – Life Steal4
17th: Vitalize Mana
18th: Rest In Peace
20th: Lesser Cold Resistance (Prereq: Chill Touch)
21st: Ghoul Gauntlet (Prereq: Ghoul Touch)
22nd: Cloak of Darkness (Prereq: Cloak of the Night)
23rd: Locate Shadow Plane
25th: Wither
26th: Summon Skeleton (Prereq: Animate Dead) – – Summon Phantasmal (Prereq: Animate Dead)
27th: Skeletal Guise
29th: Shadow Walk (Prereq: Locate Shadow Plane)
30th: Greater Electricity Resist (Prereq: Lesser Elec Resist)
32nd: Recharge (Prereq: Lightning Bolt)
35th: Shadow Door (Prereq: Shadow Walk)
36th: Greater Cold Resistance (Prereq: Lesser Cold Resist)

This is the most difficult of the classes to be. Paladins are the most holy and noble of warriors; truth and honor is the meat of their life. Pursuing the highest of all ideals, many a powerful warrior has failed and died living up to their rigorous ideals. Due to their holiness, they gain magic from the gods of purity at high levels.

These are the proficiencies that a Paladin has the ability to perform.
A ‘(S)’ denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

1st: Detect Alignment  – – (S)Kick – – (S)Parry
2nd: (S)Layhands – – (S)Rescue – – (S)Retreat (Prereq: Parry)
3rd: (S)Disarm (Prereq: Parry) – – (S)Turn Undead (Prereq: Detect Alignment)
5th: (S)Bash (Prereq: Kick) – – Magical Vestmants
7th: Cure Blind (Prereq: Layhands) – – Remove Poison
9th: Shield Against Evil (Prereq: Detect Alignment)
11th: Draw Upon Holy Might (Prereq: Magical Vestmants)
13th: Flamestrike
15th: Synostodweomer (Prereq: Layhands)
17th: Dispel Evil (Prereq: Shield Against Evil)
19th: Champions Strength (Prereq: Draw Upon Holy Might)
21st: Protection From Evil (Prereq: Shield Against Evil)
25th: Consecration (Prereq: Champions Strength)
29th: Smite Evil (Prereq: Dispel Evil)
32nd: (S)Estates
35th: Holy Word (Prereq: Smite Evil)
36th: Divine Shield (Prereq: Benediction)
37th: Holy Lance (Prereq: Holy Word)

The Ranger is a hunter and tracker who makes his way by not only his bow,  but also by his wits. The Ranger is an expert at woodsmanship and at high levels gains the abilities to cast spells dealing with nature, but cannot be evil. In addition to this, rangers possess the eagle eye trait by default, thus allowing them to scan one additional room through use of the scan command.

These are the proficiencies that a Ranger has the ability to perform.
An ‘(S)’ denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

1st: Animal Friendship – – Detect Alignment – – (S)Track
2nd: (S)Hide – – (S)Kick – – (S)Parry – – Forage
3rd: (S)Rescue – – (S)Sneak (Prereq: Hide)
4th: Detect Poison – – Sense Life (Prereq: Track) – – (S)Endurance
5th: Barkskin – – Hold Animal (Prereq: Animal Friendship) – – (S)Layhands
6th: Pacify
7th: Charm Beast (Prereq: Animal Friendship)
8th: Bolt of Steel
11th: Remove Poison (Prereq: Detect Poison)
13th: Hold Beast (Prereq: Charm Beast)
14th: Flaming Arrow (Prereq: Bolt of Steel)
15th: Waterwalk
16th: Free Action
17th: Hail of Arrows (Prereq: Flaming Arrow)
18th: Synostodweomer (Prereq: Layhands)
19th: (S)Camouflage
20th: Hornets Dart (Prereq: Hail of Arrows)
23rd: (S)Ambush (Prereq: Sneak)
24th: Sustain (Prereq: Endurance)
27th: (S)Stalk
30th: Summon Beast (Prereq: Hold Beast)
31st: Pass Without Trace
33rd: Ensnare (Prereq: Flaming Arrow)
35th: Frost Arrow (Prereq: Flaming Arrow)
39th: Trail of the Woodlands (Prereq: Pass Without Trace)

Samurai are WARRIORS of honor from the oriental world who follow the code of the bushido or warrior. In terms of having high ideals, they are similar to Paladins. But the ideals of a Samurai go beyond that. Because of these ideals, a samurai may only be GOOD. With the code of honor that the Samurai follow, cowardice in battle is dishonorable.

  • Samurai in combat attack as warriors, but gain more hit points and attacks per level.
  • Samurai may not use the WIMPY command and may not be RESCUED.
  • Have immunity to fear spells.
  • Samurai can learn the deadly skill of the critical hit, unleashing it upon their opponents in the heat of battle.

These are the proficiencies that a Samurai has the ability to perform.
A ‘(S)’ denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

1st: (S)Parry
2nd: Accuracy
3rd: (S)Disarm (Prereq: Parry)
5th: (S)Meditate
7th: Strength Burst (Prereq: Accuracy)
8th: Intimidate
10th: (S)Iaijutsu (Prereq: Parry)
13th: (S)Throw
15th: Stun (Prereq: Intimidate)
20th: (S)Armor Specialization – – Power Strike (Prereq: Strength Burst)
25th: Whirlwind Attack (Prereq: Power Strike)
35th: Death Strike (Prereq: Whirlwind Attack)
38th: (S)Critical Hit

The seediest of all Rogues — cunning, nimbleness, and stealth are their hallmarks. With their very special qualities that no other class offers, they  have been known even to make the richest of merchants and lowest of peasants squirm. Many of these qualities can come in handy in many situations, such as picking locks or concealing their actions when working with containers.  Spending all their time keeping their reflexes cat-like, thieves have little time to study magic.

These are the proficiencies that a Thief has the ability to perform.
An ‘(S)’ denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

1st: (S)Hide – – (S)Pick Lock – – (S)Steal
2nd: (S)Sneak (Prereq: Hide)
3rd: (S)Backstab – – (S)Detect Trap – – (S)Disable Trap (Prereq: Detect Trap)
5th: (S)Envenom
10th: (S)Circle (Prereq: Backstab)
18th: (S)Throw
21st: (S)Dodge
23rd: (S)Ambush (Prereq: Sneak)
25th: (S)Estates (Prereq: Steal)
27th: (S)Vanish (Prereq: Hide)
31st: (S)Trip
33rd: (S)Counterstrike (Prereq: Dodge)
35th: (S)Double Backstab (Prereq: Backstab)
37th: (S)Search (Prereq: Detect Trap)
39th: (S)Assassinate (Prereq: Double Backstab, Ambush)

The berserker is fearless warrior that fuels his rage for battle by expending even his own blood when necessary. These characters gain an increased chance to damage their foes at the expense of their own safety. It should be noted that the berserker class is a rage specialist. As such, drawing upon their lust for battle in a rage means that they cannot flee from combat while under said effects. Berserkers possess an increased damage rate under rage and this bonus extends to higher damage output than even a warrior can muster.

Berserkers are the only class which can dual-wield 2-Handed weapons. This is an innate ability upon character creation and one of the most significant differences between a berserker and other classes, but it comes with one major limitation. It is impossible for a Berserker to wear shields. It should be noted that magical weapons are also included in the Berserkers weapon arsenal. To further clarify this point: Berserkers can dual-wield any item in the game that can otherwise be wielded by them in their main hand slot, magical weapons included, but they can never wear a shield.

These are the proficiencies that a Berserker has the ability to perform.
An ‘(S)’ denotes a proficiency that is a skill and not a spell.

1st: (S)Dual-Wield 1h (Automatic) – (S)Rage
3rd: (S)Kick
7th: (S)Bash (Prereq: Kick)
10th: (S)Rescue
13th: (S)Sweep (Prereq: Bash)
15th: (S)Rush
17th: (S)Bloodlust (Prereq: Rage)
20th: (S)Taunt (Prereq: Rescue)
24th: (S)Berserk (Prereq: Bloodlust)
26th: (S)Hamstring (Prereq: Kick)
28th: (S)Evade
30th: (S)Overpower (Prereq: Rush)
33rd: (S)Fury (Prereq: Berserk)
35th: (S)Rampage (Prereq: Fury)

The Warlock brings a lethal arsenal of channeling spells to the battle, and it is because of this that they are feared by even the strongest of enemies. Warlocks draw upon the power of darkness and an evil alignment is required in order to function properly. HELP CHANNELING for more information on warlocks gameplay.

These are the proficiencies that a Warlock has the ability to perform.
A ‘(C)’denotes a proficiency that is a channeled spell.

1st: (S)Gift of Celerity
2nd: Detect Alignment
3rd: (C)Agony — Shadow Armor
6th: Detect Invisibility
7th: (C)Torment (Prereq: Agony) – – Burning Hands
8th: Transfuse Light
9th: Invisibility
10th: Shield Against Good (Prereq: Detect Alignment) – – Life Steal
11th: Bat Sonar (Prereq: Detect Invisibility)
14th: (C)Madness (Prereq: Torment) – –  Spook
15th: Transfuse Serious (Prereq: Transfuse Light)
16th: Lesser Fire Resistance
17th: Vitalize Mana
18th: Dispel Good (Prereq: Shield Against Good)
19th: Cloak of Shadows (Prereq: Shadow Armor)
20th: (C)Poison Soul (Prereq: Madness) – – Firebolt (Prereq: Burning Hands)
21st: Transfuse Critical (Prereq: Transfuse Serious)
22nd: Demonic Clarity
23rd: Life Leech (Prereq: Life Steal)
24th: Locate Shadow Plane
26th: (C)Searing Thought (Prereq: Poison Soul)
27th: Protection From Good (Prereq: Shield Against Good)
28th: Drain Soul
29th: Shadow Walk (Prereq: Locate Shadow Plane)
30th: Greater Fire Resistance (Prereq: Resistance to Fire)
31st: (C)Mind Implosion (Prereq: Searing Thought)
33rd: Shadow Shield (Prereq: Cloak of Shadows)
34th: Confusion (Prereq: Drain Soul)
35th: (C)Hellfire (Prereq: Mind Implosion)
36th: Thaumaturgy (Prereq: Life Leech)
37th: Conjure Shard
38th: Shadow Door (Prereq: Shadow Walk)
39th: Essence Transfer (Prereq: Demonic Clarity)